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June 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 06/21/2012

A strong individual

In these uncertain economic times we need someone in Lansing who is not afraid to challenge government waste and who will stand up for Grand Traverse county residents; and that person is Jason Gillman for 104th District State Representative.

As a county commissioner, Gillman has experience and understands the challenges of cutting spending, the importance of protecting the environment, is pro-business and job growth and willing to debate the tough issues. We need a strong individual in Lansing who represents the people and not politics. That is why I am endorsing Jason Gillman for State Representative.

Diane LaBate

Traverse City

Check company policy

Medical marijuana is still confusing for some.

As a human resources professional, I think there is a disservice happening to some who seek medical marijuana for qualified medical conditions. While I have no strong opinion whether someone uses this "natural alternative," it is imperative that marijuana dispensaries and medical professionals inform their clients/patients that these laws do not provide any job protection through the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Many companies have strict drug policies, and rightfully so depending on the profession. When medical marijuana users are denied work because they didn't pass the drug test, some are really blindsided because many of them believed being a "card holder" protected their jobs as well.

My belief is that medical marijuana laws were created to allow those with severe, debilitating ailments (those who would not be able to work), an effective, cheaper, natural alternative for their health care. But those who still intend to work should really check their company policy first.

Rachel Bunner

Traverse City

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