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October 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/28/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — A reasoned voice

Gary Howe has been a community leader and civic contributor in countless ways. We’ve known him as a voice for inclusive local government that is forward thinking and based on supporting Traverse City residents and their shared set of public service values and priorities. Please join us in electing Gary to the Traverse City Commission where his thoughtful, respectful, reasoned voice will engage all of us as citizens to help “make our great place even better!”

Tom and Diane Emling

Traverse City

Vote for all three

Pat McGuire will bring fiscal leadership to the city commission. His career as an accountant and his position on the Light & Power Board give him the private/public business experience needed to advise our city as it struggles to meet it’s growing needs and limited financial resources.

He will add balance to the commission that needs to be grounded and less influenced by the latest and greatest thing brought to them from an urban planning magazine. Jan Warren has the regional planning background to serve. Mike Estes does well bringing all parties together as Mayor.

Vote for all three.

Nick and Jerilyn deBoer

Traverse City

Look for new revenue

Mayor Estes wants to give away our professional, highly-skilled fire department and jump into bed with Grand Traverse Metro. But until a financial study is completed, we won’t even know if money will be saved.

Why don’t we look at a smarter way to increase city revenue? We could immediately provide primary ambulance transport for residents and bill insurance companies (like Munson’s North Flight does). We have an ambulance, appropriate equipment and well-trained firefighters/paramedics who already respond to emergency calls within Traverse City.

Vote Ross Richardson for City Commission — he supports our fire department.

Deni Scrudato

Traverse City

The writer is a former Traverse City Commissioner.

Concerned and engaged

I would like to encourage Traverse City voters to consider Gary Howe for the Traverse City Commission. Gary has already demonstrated his commitment to Traverse City by serving on the Planning Commission and the Parks and Recreation Board. Gary is concerned and engaged, and listens to people and works to find common ground so that everyone is part of the solution.

I am excited about Gary’s vision and ideas and would love to see him on the City Commission so he can work towards making Traverse City an even greater and more liveable city.

Michael Kroes

Traverse City