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September 2, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 09/02/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Revoke Detroit’s charter

On July 18 it was announced that the city of Detroit had filed Chapter 9 Bankruptcy on $18 billion of “cash flow problems.” In his column of Aug. 18, “Debunking Myths about Detroit,” Jack Lessenberry ascribes certain perceptions of Detroit’s population as myths, and that merely by the results of one recent primary election for mayor, these myths had been debunked.

How preposterous can one be? In the face of the largest municipal failure in U.S. history Lessenberry imagines that the characteristics of Detroit’s electorate are now revealed to be different than what they were thought to be for decades. In a democracy you get what you vote for and Detroit has been voting itself into descending ruin one way or another for the last 50 years - whether at the ballot box, by labor union contracts or “white flight.”

Other things, not myths, are the chronic economic burdens of Detroit’s subsidies and entitlements, not to mention the social costs of its murders, corruptions and drugs. As a city, Detroit should have its charter revoked and be dissolved. Then neighborhoods or areas that might be viable by themselves as separate entities could be chartered as new independent villages or towns.

Raymond S. Pinch



Do some research

Have you noticed how much money is spent by our elected politicians?

During the last few years many thousands of dollars have been wasted on various consultants who have provided some valuable advice. However, some of that advice has either been ignored or was poorly given.

It seems to me that people who run for office and get elected should either have backgrounds or be knowledgeable about what is necessary to manage a city or county.

Politicians appoint people to serve on various committees or boards. Many times these people are friends or neighbors. Most have no credentials to advise on city or county matters.

Voters should not elect candidates because of religion, ethnicity, good looks or because an organization such as a union supports them.

With elections coming up soon, voters, please do some research on the candidates, ask questions, review answers, make people who want to decide your taxes, schools and your government earn your vote.

James P. Zickel

Traverse City