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August 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 08/22/2013

Millages a bad bet

We can rest well now that we know the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce is in love with millages for Traverse City Area Pubic Schools. I’m voting “no.” There are no changes at TCAPS, still top heavy administratively and will get larger, lousy plan for expenditures, academia/management at its worst. The millages are not warranted.

I hope the millage requests fail but if they don’t I will send my new tax bill to the Chamber as they are in love with millages. TCAPS and its board are a bad bet with your money.

Bill Plough

Traverse City

Flag has place of honor

On Aug. 12 Mr. Alwyn Johnson publicly criticized the Discovery Center-Great Lakes for flying the American flag on a diagonal pole mounted to our nautical flag pole known as the “gaff.” Mr. Johnson’s citation of the U.S. Flag Code only tells part of the story. Chapter 8 of the U.S. Naval Telecommunications Procedures for Flags, Pennants & Customs, NTP 13 (B), Section 801b.(4), describes how the American Flag should be displayed ashore on a pole with a yardarm (crosstree) and gaff, the Discovery Center configuration.

Naval tradition requires the American flag be flown from the position of honor — the gaff, which would be at the stern of a boat. While the U.S. Flag Code provides general guidelines for the display of the flag, nautical flag display is based on longstanding traditions that date back over 300 years, endorsed by the U.S. Power Squadron and used by yacht clubs and nautical facilities across the country.

The display of our National Ensign on the gaff puts it in the place of honor and celebrates our special Naval and Maritime history.

See the Naval Procedures for Flags at

Michael Wills

Traverse City

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