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June 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 06/16/2012

Have the money in hand

Now that the issue of the train has been decided and all the smoke from the Grand Vision has cleared, could there be a message learned from the smoke and mirrors and yes, even big and small government, that sustainable and maintainable ideas may fit into open space and other ideas brought on by euphoric group discussion don't? I've seen this work in other communities; have the money in your hand then do the plan. Maybe it makes too much "cents."

Tom Vert

Traverse City

Repeal retirement tax

Where's my rainy day fund? Back in January Gov. Snyder bragged there was a $635 million surplus, Bill Schuette wanted 1,000 new state troopers, Dems wanted to fund college education for all Michigan kids.

Recently the Record-Eagle reviewed 18 months of Gov. Snyder. He has a half billion in the rainy day fund; meanwhile my retirement fund has been looted for six months at about what all my monthly utilities cost (gas/electric/water/sewer/phone/garbage).Don't even mention property taxes. He gets the rain and retirees get a dry well.

If Michigan is so flush now, repeal the retirement tax so we can balance our budgets. Next election will be a downpour for Gov. Snyder, and he'll need that bridge to reach dry ground.

Michael Hainen

Traverse City

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