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July 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 07/15/2012


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Impressed with knowledge

I have observed Jason Gillman as being an excellent county commissioner with a close eye on fiscal responsibility. In talking to him personally, I've been impressed with his vast knowledge on property rights, his willingness to stand up for limited government and preservation of our individual freedoms.

I believe him to be an honest man and one who will work hard to protect the people's rights in Michigan as a state representative.

Jeri LeRoi

Traverse City

Has experience, training

Peninsula Township Clerk Monica Hoffman has considerable experience plus training through state and municipal courses and certification, and it shows in her work. She has used her training to develop an efficient and lean staff to handle the requirements of her office, while paying attention to the township's residents' concerns.

She certainly deserves the votes of the township's residents in the upcoming primary election.

Bud Stych

Traverse City

Has the experience

As the recipient of the 2012 Liberty Bell Award (for non-attorneys participating in the legal system) I have worked with many attorneys and area courts. Based on my experience, I believe Melanie Stanton is by far the best candidate for probate judge. She knows the law, has the most courtroom experience and has always exhibited integrity and dedication to the welfare of those she represents. She was instrumental in the creation of the mental health court. She has the appropriate temperament to serve as probate judge because she cares about people. Please join me in supporting her.

Barbara Winburne

Traverse City

Vet the candidates

You have a choice right now. Get involved. Take the time to learn, listen and question these candidates. Decide for yourself, not by a friend or the "media." Vet these candidates. What are their principles, accomplishments and their plan of action? Seek a clear and precise answer; ask the questions until you do. Make the effort to get out and hear Jason Gillman. He is committed and dedicated in working for you as a citizen by taking it to the state. Vote in the Aug. 7 primary for Jason Gillman for State Rep. for the 104th District.

Jody Ferry

Traverse City

The critical component

Bonnie Scheele is the candidate of choice for county clerk. As former Traverse City clerk I know extensive experience is necessary before assuming this position.

Bonnie has extensive experience as deputy clerk and complete knowledge of laws applicable to being county clerk. Just knowing the laws doesn't translate into proper execution, only experience provides that critical component for being a competent county clerk.

Bonnie Scheele has that experience and will "hit the ground running" if elected. I know from personal experience related to campaign finance laws that Bonnie will go out of her way to give great service.

Vote Scheele.

Jim Tompkins

Traverse City

The writer is a former Traverse City clerk, commissioner and three-time mayor

Sets high standards

Competency, commitment, fairness, compassion, patience, organization, impartiality, deliberation and common sense, these are key qualities I look for in a good probate court judge. They are also qualities by which Kirsten Keilitz conducts her personal and professional life. Kirsten sets high standards for herself and expects them from others. She would serve the community with pride and distinction. Vote for Kirsten Keilitz for Grand Traverse County Probate Court Judge in the upcoming election.

Jim Spencer

Traverse City

Experience that matters

I support Bonnie Scheele for Grand Traverse County Clerk. She has the experience that matters, having worked as the deputy county clerk for 15 years. Bonnie understands what is required for this position better than any other candidate. I have worked with Bonnie for over 12 years. She is the most friendly, professional and conscientious person I know. She would make an excellent county clerk.

Bonnie's experience as the deputy county clerk, education, and professionalism make her the best choice for county clerk. Vote for experience. Vote for Bonnie Scheele on Aug. 7. Please visit her web site:

Liana Wilson


He'll lead the fight

While the Supreme Court used convoluted reasoning to uphold Obamacare, it can still be defeated by the public, which opposes this new medical tax by 54-46 percent according to one poll. On election day, support those pledged to end it at both national and state levels. This includes Congressman Dan Benishek and our own State Rep. candidate, Jason Gillman.

In 2009 Commissioner Gillman organized the first anti-Obamacare Health Care Conference, attended by hundreds at St. Francis auditorium. Gillman is a strict constitutionalist. He'll lead this kind of fight for individual rights, not merely follow from the sidelines.

Bill Vockel

Traverse City

Experience is important

During her 12 years as our Register of Deeds, Peggy Haines has greatly improved the office, recording critical real estate documents more timely and efficiency while reducing governmental costs. She has been a leader in implementing new technology to accomplish these improvements. Retaining her experience is an important aspect for continuing the recovery of our local real estate industry which is so vital to the region's future prosperity.

We strongly urge voters to re-elect Peggy Haines as Grand Traverse County Register of Deeds.

Jerome E. Jelinek

Traverse City