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July 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 07/14/2012

Will we just stand by?

You know what drives me crazy? It's watching the weather forecasters talking about the record heat, the fires, the power outages, the deepening drought, etc., without any reference to climate change (and don't tell me they don't know what's really going on because they do).

Now, I ask you, how bad does it have to get?

Those of us who "get it" believe big oil is behind the effort to keep the media from telling the truth.

So, in effect, to answer my own question, it's our addiction to oil coupled with big oil's greed; that's the reason that ultimately a lot of people, animals and crops are going to die. So, I guess that's how bad it has to get.

Are we going to just stand by and let this happen? God help us all if we do.

Julie Pearson

Traverse City

In case of fire, call 911

In response to a July 9 letter from Mary Myers, I agree, Traverse City Light & Power customers should get lower bills.

And yes, the potholes should be filled.

However, so there is no mistake about what to do when you have a fire; call 911.

You will always get highly trained professional fire fighters.

The city commission, the metro board and the insurance companies do not put out fires.

Rest assured, no matter what becomes of the talks between the city commission and the metro board, you will always get help from the men and women that do put out fires and have protected you and your property for years.

So, just "¦ call 911.

Curt Holliday

Traverse City

The writer is a retired volunteer metro firefighter

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