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June 5, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/05/2013

The rest of the story

Thank you for the May 26 in-depth article illuminating how our laws are made by the current Michigan Legislature, “Lobbyist knew of Schmidt’s traffic camera legislation.”

The brief TV news story informed us: Rep. Wayne Schmidt introduces legislation to allow traffic cam

eras at intersections. Now the Record-Eagle has given us the rest of the story:

n This legislation (HB 4763) was not a result of law enforcement or citizens asking for the cameras, but rather lobbying from an out-of-state company that manufactures red-light cameras, and could make millions in Michigan.

n In a complete reversal of what we’re taught is the legislative process, a lobbyist contacted Sheriff Bensley one month before Rep. Schmidt introduced the legislation to persuade Bensley to support the legislation and consider installing these cameras.

While a private company was given access to Rep. Schmidt to lobby for a bill in its narrow financial interests, Rep. Schmidt has never introduced legislation to restore equity funding for our public schools. Instead, state funds for Traverse City Area Public Schools have decreased substantially.

Finally, kudos to Sheriff Bensley. He’s shown he puts the interest of his constituents first by publicly raising this issue.

Jan Frohman Atallo

Traverse City

StrokeStyle/$ID/Japanese Dots

Ticket for obstruction

The recent article about the Silent Bicycle Ride mentioned that bicycles have the same rights as cars on the road. It should also have stated that they also must obey the highway laws, one of which deals with obstruction of traffic.

I drive Peninsula Drive regularly; 95 percent of the bicyclists I encounter ride courteously and safely. However, a few seem to think the road is only for them, or get pleasure from riding double at 12 or 15 mph.

I recently encountered two who were riding single file until I pulled out behind them, at which point one pulled out to ride double, purposely obstructing me. I think a few tickets from police for traffic obstruction might solve this problem.

StrokeStyle/$ID/Japanese DotsJohn Matz

Traverse City

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