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January 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 01/12/2013

How society functions

The Record-Eagle's Dec. 23 editorial and Associated Press front-page article, Dec. 24, regarding a speech by Executive Director and CEO Wayne LaPierre (referred to as "lobbyist" to sound more sinister) was either not viewed by the author(s) or was chosen to "spin" the remarks to promote more gun control.

Mr. LaPierre stated that the National Rifle Association is helping to fund and organize a panel chaired by Ex-Congressman Asa Hutchinson to assess effects on mass/school violence from: mental instability; violence in entertainment; current gun laws; school design; and armed protection.

He also suggested that school boards be allowed the option of authorizing armed guards in the interim. He commented that the over four million NRA members and retired ex-military and police could qualify for this, with certification, possibly as volunteers.

For this he was called "loony" and "goofy." What societal mayhem has been eliminated by law? History shows that violence has been done by evil minds in many ways other than guns. When someone attempts to get at the real causes, they are ridiculed.

Maybe the teaching of faith, as in religion and one's self, and understanding the value of life is important in how a sane society functions.

Wes Nelson

Traverse City

Oppose it vigorously

The Jan. 6 article about the renewal of the vetoed bill to re-organize Blue Cross mentions AARP as opposing this bill but does not give the specific cost increase associated with it. They estimate that the cost for seniors will be at least $75 per month per person for a Medigap Policy.

For the benefit of those not yet on Medicare, Medicare has an annual deductible and pays only 80 percent of approved medical bills. Seniors must buy a Medigap policy, which is now $122.86 per month per person, for the most common policy at Blue Cross to cover those charges.

This added $75, or $150 per couple, will increase our costs from $2,948 to $4,748 annually for the Blue Cross portion of this coverage. That's $1,800 in new taxes. Taxes? Of course it is. Companies don't pay taxes. Their customers do. That would be many senior citizens. We will have to come up with the $100 million in our premiums for Blue Cross that Gov. Snyder wants. Apparently the Legislature is ready to serve it up to him unless those who will be forced to pay this new tax now and in the future oppose it vigorously. Do it.

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