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July 2, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 07/02/2012

Snyder another Engler

I knew there was something I didn't like about Gov. Snyder besides his side-stepping the Legislature's and Michigan residents' (polls show) disapproval of the "Bridge." He's another Engler, according to Phil Power (6/21/12).

My political activism has been limited to two issues: re-monumentation of Michigan (which creates land disputes settled only by lawyers), and inspections of school buildings (which protect children). Engler passed PA 345 in 1990 creating the re-monumentation boondoggle with total disregard for what it would do to private landowners. Engler vetoed a bill putting construction of school buildings under the same scrutiny as construction of your house, risking the lives of students for a decade (Gov. Granholm finally passed the legislation). In both cases, Engler sold us out in favor of business interests.

I didn't know Snyder was an Engler understudy. Thanks, Phil, for pointing that out to me. It all makes sense now.

Snyder can do all the character assassination of Moroun and legislators he wants, but we the people believe somewhere under the dust-up he's created, there's a corporation that'll stick a hose in our state economy and siphon off some cold profits from our debt-riddled taxpayer bodies. It'll be disguised as an emergency "bailout."

Nicole Perry


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