Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 10/21/2012


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Specialized knowledge

As I consider this year's election, I cannot think of a single more qualified candidate for Probate Judge than Melanie Stanton. I have known Melanie for over 17 years and can say without hesitation that she is the most genuine, humble person I know. She has been a practicing attorney for over 22 years, spending most of her legal career practicing in the Probate and Family Courts. This fact along with her attributes and specialized knowledge of probate law makes her perfect for the office of Probate Judge for Grand Traverse County.

Vote Stanton Probate Judge of Grand Traverse County!

Anita Gauld

Fife Lake

Knowledge, demeanor

Kirsten Keilitz possesses the character, qualities and experience essential to becoming Probate Judge of Grand Traverse County. Kirsten is respected by and shows respect to those persons — litigants, lawyers, parents and children — who appear before her as Court Referee, a position to which she was wisely and unanimously appointed by our Circuit and Family Court judges. Kirsten is calm, deliberate, thoughtful, prompt and well-reasoned in decision-making. Throughout 12 years of legal practice and three years as Referee, Kirsten has consistently displayed the temperament, knowledge, insight and demeanor critical to being a judge. Please vote for Kirsten Keilitz on Nov. 6.

L. Kent and Nancy Walton

Traverse City

A free market?

Why the hysteria over Proposal 3? The reason for Consumers Energy and DTE's full oppositional funding is that in 2008 their lobbyists pushed through legislation that gave them a 90 percent monopoly on the utility market. As former Michigan Republican Chairman Saul Anuzis noted in his support of 3, they're worried if this proposal passes there will be pressure to actually open up utilities to the free market. Consumers will want to start purchasing renewable energy directly from the producers, bypassing the costly utility companies that producers are forced to sell to. A free market in America? What a concept.

Jim Mora

Traverse City

Experienced, ethical

Grand Traverse residents deserve an impartial Probate Judge with extensive Probate Court experience, one who depends on her qualifications and strengths. I've worked with attorneys since 1978, and Melanie Stanton is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and ethical attorneys I have ever known.

I witnessed juveniles that Melanie represented turn their lives around because she cared about them and encouraged them. Because Melanie believed in the youth, they could see themselves as valuable. Melanie treats everyone with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Melanie has my trust and support — vote Stanton for Probate Judge.

Diane Conklin

Traverse City

Qualified and unbiased

Please join me in voting for Kirsten Keilitz for Probate Judge. As a probate court volunteer for over 35 years, I know she has the experience needed to get the job done. She has worked as a probate court referee for many years and deals with the same situations and makes the same recommendations as the judge. She is qualified and unbiased and has the expertise to serve as the next probate judge. She has been a pleasure to work with in the probate system.

Vote Keilitz on Nov. 6.

Susan Schmidt

Traverse City

Listen to Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson wrote, "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When people fear the government, there is tyranny."

Michigan Republican state legislators have been: anti-student (reneged on Michigan promise); anti-teacher (restricted collective bargaining, reduced benefits for future teachers); and anti-senior (devastated pensions vs. SB 1040).

Although much of the Democrats' social agenda is anathema to me, given the tea party influence on Republican policies concerning Medicare and Social Security, I very much fear state and national Republican politicians, who would love for the people P. T. Barnum talked about to believe that these policies influence job creation.

Bruce Cozad

Traverse City

A workaholic attitude

Just wanted to weigh in on the Grand Traverse County state representative election. I really don't know much about politics and have never written a letter to the editor before. I just wanted to share that I worked with Betsy Coffia before at the Elk Rapids Town Meeting newspaper, and she always worked late with a workaholic attitude. So I feel comfortable with my vote.

Don Bice

Fife Lake

An exemplary job

I am among many who recognize that Sheriff Bensley has done an exemplary job in leading and managing the sheriff's department. As a former resident and command officer of the Grand Traverse Sheriff's Department,

I am convinced Sheriff Bensley brings the best of the best leadership possible to the county residents. He has maintained a high level of integrity and decidedness and demonstrated his commitment to providing, through his employees, the highest level of professionalism.

I am also convinced that the citizens of Grand Traverse County will continue to be well served with Sheriff Bensley at the helm.

Marty Trombley

Mt. Pleasant

The writer is the retired Director of Public Safety

Bad medicine for lakes

Congressman "Dr." Dan Benishek offers bad medicine for the Great Lakes, dismantling Clean Water laws.

The League of Conservation Voters named him to its "Dirty Dozen" list. His legislation allows the SS Badger to dump 8,000 pounds of toxic coal ash into Lake Michigan daily.

Great Lakes dumping is illegal.

Michigan's Watercraft Pollution Control Act has banned Great Lakes dumping of any substance since 1970.

That's why Republicans like Sen. Rick Jones and Democrats have publicly called for a dumping halt.

Tell Dr. Benishek we've already had enough of his prescription of federal carve-outs for polluters.

Lee Fivenson

Traverse City