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January 26, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 01/26/2014

I’ll watch Gasland 2

Here we go again. Peters and Simaz (Jan. 5 Forum), while “informing” us that fracking has been safe for decades, fail again to mention the newer drilling methods used since 2010 which require millions of gallons of water per drill and over 100,000 gallons of chemicals (including carcinogens and biocides but most hidden from public record).

They accuse those against these methods as attempting to deceive the public, while it is they who deceive. Peters and Simaz attempt to back their “facts” through the state Department of Environmental Quality, “independent experts,” and “officials” in the Obama administration (with a dazzling history of full transparency and high morals).

Oh, the irony. On the same day as their Forum, the Associated Press announced the results of an investigation, drawing upon hundreds of complaints made by residents, that fracking is indeed polluting and contaminating well drinking water supplies. The investigation verifies well water contamination in Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia and Ohio.

If this is what you call a “straw man argument,” Peters and Simaz, I think I’ll go watch Gasland 2 a second time.

Lisa Franseen

Traverse City

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