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January 24, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 01/24/2014

Snow plow law

I would like the app or alert on my cell phone for when the snow plow drivers are going to come by. It’s Murphy’s Law that every time we get done shoveling or blowing snow, get in the house and sit down, we hear the rumble of the snow plow truck. Just a thought.

Sue Livasy

Traverse City

Comfort is expensive

Your armchair weatherman’s cozy prose and comforting forecast (Another View, Jan. 11) got one thing right at least — there is a difference between weather and climate — and danced around global climate change like he really doesn’t believe it’s happening.

Scientific interpretation does take time. It took a while for science to conclude that the Earth goes around the sun, that the continents are drifting, that smoking does indeed damage the lungs.

The facts are: out of 13,950 articles published in peer-reviewed scientific literature about climate change in 2012, 13,926 agreed that global warming exists; 97 percent agreed that emissions from burning fossil fuels are behind it.

Comfort is expensive. How about printing a less cozy opinion discussing controlling the amount of CO2 we release into the atmosphere or, better yet, an uncomfortable editorial discussing the merits of a carbon tax?

We’ve got a group right here in Traverse City, Citizen’s Climate Lobby, that can help.

David Zaiss


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