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January 22, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 01/22/2014

Eliminate fear

Homelessness has been variously attributed to causes which vary with the individual circumstances under which homeless people attempt to conduct their lives. These may include all of the effects of an unstable economy, disrupted human relationships, mental disability or disorders of personality which inhibit successful living.

Any or all of these may be considered valid influences which we see in the sometimes disruptive behavior. This becomes a problem for agencies which, seemingly uncoordinated because of limited funding supports, attempt to provide sustaining relief.

Not much has been offered to identify and describe the conditions under which such disruptive behavior occurs. This is no “bleeding heart” analysis or rationale for condoning such behavior but is an attempt to understand the effects of deprivation (homelessness) on behavior.

When people are deprived of a feeling of satisfaction or security, fear develops and can become intolerable. In order to ease the emotional devastation that fear imposes, people become angry, an emotional substitute too often resulting in disruptive behavior.

The combined efforts of supportive and protective agencies must develop joint programs which focus on the elimination of fear. Less disruptive behavior can follow.

Frank Tosiello

Traverse City

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