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January 19, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 01/19/2014

Consider consequences

It was another Christmas season where liberals whined about poverty and income inequality.

Communism produces income equality but doesn’t work because it’s human nature not to collectivize one’s earnings. Capitalism rewards educated, hard workers. A shortage of bureaucratic measures did not cause poverty and massive doles have not banished it.

Poverty is caused by unpreparedness, addictions, illiteracy, indolence, single parenthood and bad personal choices.

Washington expends trillions through government agencies but generational poverty persists because of human individuality.

Is it possible to give a work ethic and self-motivation to those getting welfare checks (the exception being Social Security and Medicare as workers pay into both)? Can one compel immature youths to become educated? Can society prevent self-indulgent teen pregnancies? Where is personal responsibility, self-respect and self-reliance?

Upper-income taxpayers pay 86 percent of the taxes in this country but are accused of not paying “their fair share” by those who pay nothing. This is the real economic injustice.

If you don’t want to be poor, consider the consequences of your actions. Be drug free, stay in school, learn a skill, get a job, marry before having children and make good decisions.

Carole Underwood

Maple City

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