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January 15, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 01/15/2014

Remember to love

Day 185, that’s what today is, with no answers as to who took my precious baby sister, Kellyann’s life. I think of the what ifs, the whys and what could have been. I think of her smiling face, her big blue eyes, the sarcasm we shared and our childhood memories.

The question I have is what kind of person could do something like this and not come forward? Do they not have a sister, must not, otherwise why does the guilt of taking mine not compel them to tell the truth?

To the person who did this, you took the life of someone who was so full of life it carried over to everyone around her. Kellyann was a daughter, sister, wife, aunt and great friend to many. Losing her has left a hole in many hearts. I ask you to take responsibility for your actions. My sister deserves that and so does her family and friends.

I ask if you know something to please come forward. Wouldn’t you want the same if it was your family member this happened to?

To everyone else, “Remember to love.”

Nicole Nostrandt


The writer is the sister of hit-and-run victim Kelly Ann Boyce

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