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April 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 04/19/2013

In favor of food trucks

I am writing about the April 12 forum article against food trucks by Downtown Development Authority board member Rick Korndorfer.

I was alarmed by Mr. Korndofer’s tone. In my time at the city I never saw a member of one board publish a screed directed at a member of another board. I never saw a board member use a denigrating nickname (“Truckers”) for members of the public who spoke at board meetings.

I never saw a member of a board use the op-ed page to insult the intelligence of other board members. I don’t know who all he was referring to as the “elected and appointed people” who “can’t think rationally.”

I hope the DDA will distance itself from Mr. Korndorfer. In my time on the DDA board members could disagree about issues, but always with civility and respect. That promotes a positive image, a collegial service environment and public confidence.

Finally, I would like Mr. Korndorfer to know that my office is located downtown, and we pay high taxes to be part of the DDA. We have 13 employees, they’re all in favor of food trucks and some of them are pretty smart.

Chris Bzdok

Traverse City

The writer is a former Traverse City mayor.

TCAPS out of touch

After reading the article concerning the new Chief of Schools, Mr. Scott has implied the principals and their staff do not currently function as a team nor are they accountable. It appears that the Traverse City Area Public Schools superintendent, Mr. Cousins, is remiss in his duties as a leader to mentor, coach, and advise his staff.

Mr. Cousins as superintendent is supposed to oversee the daily operations.

Included in these duties, I assume, is managing his staff (principals, assistants, secretaries, etc.). It appears he has decided to off-load these duties. Will he be taking a pay cut commensurate with this lack of duties?

Also, when TCAPS runs another $100 million millage, will it now be $101,560,000 to cover the 10-year expense of this new made-up position?

TCAPS is certainly out of touch with this community.

Joe Heitjan

Traverse City

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