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May 10, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 05/10/2012

Don't support 'sport'

People who wouldn't dream of betting on the outcome of a dogfight or pay to watch a bullfight somehow seem immune to the cruelty in horse racing. Before you put $5 down on the Kentucky Derby, please give thought to what your bet is supporting.

Thoroughbreds are accidents waiting to happen: Their legs are too long and fragile, they're forced to run while still young and growing, and injuries are often masked with drugs. Every single day, horses suffer catastrophic injuries while racing and must be euthanized. Spent, injured, or slow horses are discarded like garbage; many are killed for human consumption.

U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics document that an estimated 10,000 unwanted and castoff thoroughbreds endure a terrifying journey to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico every year, and thousands more are abandoned, neglected, and abused, since rescue facilities are filled far beyond capacity.

People who care about horses should refuse to support a "sport" in which animals routinely pay with their lives.

Jennifer O'Connor

Norfolk, Va.

The writer is a member of the PETA Foundation.

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