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December 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 12/12/2013

A waste of space

I recently read the Ishpeming story that was reprinted from the Marquette Mining Journal. This story was printed in the Traverse City Record-Eagle on Nov. 9.

My take is someone decided to try and grab our attention with a “scandalous” title.

Give me a break. Of course it is tied to Traverse City’s new city manager in the editor’s note, but upon further reading I find the story boring and lacking merit. There is no indication of any wrongdoing on the part of the Traverse City city manager.

To reprint this in the Record-Eagle is a waste of print space, and believe me I have no interest in reading the next two parts of this “exposé.”

How about something newsworthy instead?

Todd Seguin

Traverse City

Caring people

Recently as I was riding my bike from Lake Leelanau to Traverse City on County Road 641, I decided I would walk up the two difficult hills on my route.

When I was half way up the first hill at Donner Road a woman came out of her house and asked if I had a bike problem and needed assistance. I answered that I was OK and that I was just walking the difficult hill.

Then as I approached the apex of that same hill another woman driving an SUV stopped her car, got out and also asked if I needed help and could use a ride. To her I also answered that I was OK, just walking up the hill.

These two incidents occurred the day after a gentleman sent his grandson to see if I was OK, having seen me fall and get up from my fall near the Holiday gas station on M-22. Again, I thanked him, having only damaged my pride.

I appreciate these caring people of Leelanau County. We bikers appreciate the goodness and sharing of the people of beautiful Leelanau County.

George Kuhn

Traverse City

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