Traverse City Record-Eagle

September 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 09/16/2012


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Happy beekeeping, TC

Not being a fan of Traverse City, I wish you a "happy beekeeping." You can have ours.

All it takes is one lazy, inconsiderate beekeeper to ruin your summer pleasures.

Fill your birdbath and many hundreds of bees turn up to drink it dry; water your plants and many hundreds turn up. It took two weeks to drink up my garden pond. Just wait until you fill your kid's wading pool.

Our neighborhood has had to put up with this for the last four years.

Happy beekeeping, Traverse City. Just make sure you have lots of bug spray.

Barbara Browne

East Jordan

We're coming together

Regarding the Sept. 5 article concerning Union Street, I'd like to commend Grand Traverse Prosecutor Alan Schneider for his recent actions concerning Union Street.

He epitomizes the tolerance we all strive for.

The broken window at Wilson's Antiques was simply a mutual difference of opinion.

The results? A sparkling new window on Union Street. Wilson's Antiques didn't have to replace the window.

But, they did! We can all be proud of that.

The knife-wielding young man? As many will, he may have been proudly showing off his new blade.

Who doesn't appreciate a new blade?

Thanks to Prosecutor Schneider's actions, Union Street now truly represents Traverse City and its forward thinking.

After all, it's hard to show tolerance when everyone obeys the law. I feel we are all coming together.

Ross Blair

Traverse City