Traverse City Record-Eagle

September 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 09/14/2012


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Privilege to check box

I am an American and very proud to state that at any time. The editorial Sunday, Aug. 26, stated that our Secretary of State had failed voters by making the process too difficult. Other sniveling writers echoed similar comments. After the charade of 2008, in which the vulgar comedian Al Franken was "elected" to the Senate, many of us became aware of the tricks and illegality of some parties and voters. We identified a candidate like Ruth Johnson who pledged to work hard to clean the voting rolls of illegal, dead, pets, felons, non residents and unregistered voters. She is doing just that.

I consider it a privilege to check the box and state that I am a U.S. citizen. Many have died to protect my voting rights. I surely don't mind having to properly identify myself to vote. And don't bother to tell me this hurts the poor who don't have IDs. They can buy booze, prescription drugs, tobacco, etc. What ID do they use there? It is time for the liberal and progressive people to wake up to reality. If you have a right to vote, you will not be denied, and your vote will count.

David Baldwin

Glen Arbor

Saving seniors

"New tax cuts in the Ryan Budget would give millionaires $265,000 on top of Bush tax cuts amounting to another $129,000."

Ryan's budget would impose "trillions of dollars in spending cuts, at least 62 percent, which would come from low-income programs.

Low-income working families would actually be hit with tax increases." (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, by Chuck Marr, April 12, 2012)

All this while cutting "wasteful spending" like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and public education.

"Obamacare" covering preventive screenings, pre-existing conditions, has already saved seniors $4 billion in prescription costs. (Path to Prosperity, 2013)

Beverly "BJ" Christensen


Know him before Nov. 6

The movie 2016 is a factual review of Obama's past connections and influences that shaped his philosophy and goals.

This information explains, not condemns, his actions since becoming president, running up our debt to dangerous levels, supporting our enemies (Palestinians and Syria) and not supporting our friends (Israel and Britain).

I recommend this movie to Republicans who will clearly understand why they want to defeat him. Democrats will be clearer on why they support him.

His goals are not America's traditional goals. As the promo says, "Like him or hate him."

You should know him before voting on Nov. 6.

Nancy Sarowski

Harbor Springs