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November 16, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/16/2013

Vote for ‘Nobody’


After every election my friends complain they had to vote for the lesser of two evils or no candidate was up to snuff, so they didn’t vote.

It would be better if “Nobody” was a perennial, listed candidate. If the candidates in a race don’t measure up to standards you’d vote “Nobody.” There’d be no more running unopposed. There’s always “Nobody.”

The advantage of “Nobody” as an official candidate is that it sets a standard. You have to be better than “Nobody” to get votes. No more choosing between two evils. If every single candidate was bad you could vote a straight ticket of “Nobodies.”

What if “Nobody” was elected? You wouldn’t have representation. But, “Nobody” doesn’t need a salary, perks, lifetime healthcare or retirement. “Nobody” wouldn’t vote for expanding government programs or higher salaries and more perks for him/herself. There’d be no lying. “Nobody” never lies. No graft or corruption. “Nobody” is incorruptible. Can you say as much about your current official?

In conclusion, “Nobody” has many strengths and few weaknesses. “Nobody” possesses high ethical standards. “Nobody” is concerned about your welfare. “Nobody” will represent you well in government, and I can recommend him/her highly to you.

Brad Evans

Traverse City


Triathlon tale


The Peninsula Township Park Board members took it upon themselves to enter into a tentative agreement to allow a triathlon to be held on the Old Mission Peninsula involving the Light House Park and trails and Haserot Beach Park without any notice to the residents that will be impacted by such an enormous event.

Emails sent to park board members opposed the event as well as peninsula residents that attended the meeting. The emails were not read into the minutes. It was pointed out that hoards of mountain bikes would severely alter the existing foot path and endanger sensitive areas. One board member stood firm in defense of township residents and their desire to keep the trails as natural foot paths.

It would be impossible for Haserot Beach and the surrounding Old Mission village to accommodate an event of this size. When the board member made a motion to table the issue until a public meeting could be arranged it was completely ignored and the meeting closed.

Marie Cornell

Traverse City



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