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November 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/15/2013

System needs overhaul

Experience has taught me that at least a couple of our government agencies need to re-evaluate just who it is they’re supposed to be helping, besides themselves, that is. The people in high places, Obama for one, are talking about sending more money to mental health and social services in the wake of failed gun control proposals.

Why? They’ll just waste and squander it like the huge sums they’ve already allocated.

I’ve been trying for quite some time to attain transportation to much-needed medical appointments to no avail.

They’ve got a lot of money for their own inefficient programs. I could cite several.

No one can accurately predict who is homicidal and who is not, so why throw more money at a system that needs a complete overhaul? The two agencies I’m referring to are Community Mental Health and the Department of Human Services in Cadillac.

Taxpayers should let the bureaucrats know they want to keep their hard earned dollars.

David D. Forsgren


Some observations

Ten observations from Mayor Estes’ drunk driving incident:

1. We can rename Eighth Street Half a Fifth Street.

2. “Voter’s Forum” is actually Latin for “Happy Hour!”

3. This opens the door for Kwame Kilkpatrick as a write-in candidate.

4. Mayor’s motto — “If you build brewpubs and wineries on every corner, count me in.”

5. Traverse City just made another list — best party town for elected officials.

6. Maybe he shouldn’t have voted for bike lanes.

7. Everyone knows that a few drinks is the only way to get through those damn meetings.

8. All the seats on the Pub Pedaler were filled.

9. See what happens when there is no festival at the Open Space.

10. The mayor changed his mind, “Let’s keep the fire department and get rid of the police dept.”

Jerrold Jenkins

Traverse City

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