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August 16, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 08/16/2013

A bit of history

A bit of history: on April 28, 1968 (might have been ‘69), my older brother Ron, an Air Force jet fighter pilot flew up from Dayton in a T-33 to visit us for my wife’s birthday. He and a co-pilot, Harvey, radioed our airport that they were en route and were told that we could accommodate them as the first jet to land at Cherry Capital Airport. When they were getting near they radioed the tower and were told that a sweeper truck was on the new runway, and that they didn’t have ground-to-ground radio contact with the truck. Ron’s plane buzzed the sweeper, but it didn’t get off of the runway. They decided to land on the old shorter runway. The first attempt was a little hot (overshot the very beginning of the runway) so they went around and landed, using the whole length of the shorter runway. A little scary, but that’s what fighter pilots do. That was the first jet plane to land at Cherry Capital Airport.

Tom Finch

Elk Rapids

Anti-fracking petition

Gas from 15,000 psi fracking wells that use unknown toxic chemicals and millions of gallons of water per well is certainly not natural. Consequently, I suggest we simply differentiate unnatural gas produced by the new horizontal fracking wells from the natural gas from traditional vertical wells.

Then we should also ban that dreadful industrial process from Michigan‘s beautiful lakes, rivers, forests and farmland forever.

Please sign the Michigan anti-fracking petition for our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Dick Landback


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