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July 8, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/08/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Why restructure department?

I attended the Peninsula Township Fire Board meeting. We were instructed not to ask questions.

But, I have questions. Who devised this scheme to restructure the fire department and why? Why another level of bureaucracy? Why a director at twice the fire chief’s salary and reduced on-site protection? Why replace a competent person whose knowledge of the peninsula and its residents after 40 years of service cannot be equaled?

Many residents testified that the present fire chief and his team are professional, more than qualified and have done service to this community above and beyond (I could add several incidences of my own).

It would be better to have this man mentoring someone who will continue in his footsteps to serve the community as he has.

Again, where has this idea come from? What has spawned such a scheme? What reason could the fire board have? Political? Personal? Is the integrity of the fire board an issue? Why can’t we ask questions? If the director’s responsibilities are the same as the fire board, can the fire board be eliminated? Why is there a fire board?

Will residents have the opportunity to vote on this?

Marie Cornell

Traverse City

Outdated thinking

My letter is to those Americans who were outraged at the recent Supreme Court decision making it easier for homosexuals to get married. I am sure some of you don’t think gays should even be allowed to be American citizens, or to be eligible to vote, or to be able to own a business, or to teach, or adopt children. This is the United States and you are free to have and voice your opinion.

Society is constantly evolving and in this issue for the good. Our American youth is much further ahead in their thinking and acceptance of gays than the generations before them.

To those who remain vehemently opposed to the idea of gay marriage for whatever heartfelt reasons, it can only be said that homosexuals getting married and being afforded the rights of every other American citizen does not affect you in any way, except to challenge and insult outdated, intolerant and narrow-minded thinking.

John Billette

Traverse City