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November 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/19/2013

Pay it forward

We were really disappointed to see that both the Elk Rapids and Traverse City schools millage proposals failed, especially the millage regarding the theater at Central High School. The arts are of as much importance in the molding of good citizens as are sports, and we wouldn’t expect our football teams to play on dirt or our basketball teams to play in a gym with basketballs that wouldn’t hold air. It is a shame that the millage was defeated by such a small margin in both cases.

We know that Elk Rapids Schools and their staff put extra work into helping students that are struggling, making time for them to get tutoring after school. Being seniors, retired and living on Social Security, I can understand why seniors would hesitate to vote in favor of additional millage, but we all have to remember that paying for education is part of our “pay it forward” responsibility.

Lest we forget, the generation before us helped fund our education long after they graduated. When I went to the polls all I saw was senior citizens voting, and I truly believe that resulted in the defeat of the millage in both districts.

Mary Skarnulis

Rapid City

Comment was insulting

The Nov. 7 Record-Eagle article discussing the millage failure for Central High School had a comment from school board member Mr. Gary Appel that I find insulting, as he singled out voters with no children in school as the cause of the millage failure.

As a retiree and active community member and having voted for the millage I’d suggest Mr. Appel might have better things to do then alienating a large segment of this community.

Edward M. Crippen

Traverse City

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