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September 14, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 09/14/2013

Demand equality

Must we forever be stuck with a government controlled by corporate elites, the super-rich, the promoters, the takers, the big-time speculators? Look at the mess they’ve made of this country and the world. I’ve read of a Native American who as a child saw the white man’s greenback dollars for the first time and thought they were frog skins. The elite cannot get enough frog skins. So they plunder the world. They privatize and monopolize public goods at home and, with their European counterparts, they work the globe with sweatshops and weapons of war. It’s just business to them — the oligarchs, the 0.1-percenters and their toadies all down the line.

This elite gang’s collective pathology is that plenty is not enough. Therefore their imperialism drives to control and exploit all the planet’s resources and people. Their aim, same as any petty tyrant, is for total control. Think Stalin, Hitler, Big Brother.

Happily, this state of things is easily remedied when a critical mass of good people peacefully and democratically stand up and demand equity for all the world’s people and an end to this system that is destroying the earth.

Rick Waterman

Rapid City

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