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September 3, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 09/03/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — A tear, not a cheer

In your “Our View” editorial of Aug. 19 you give a cheer to the Maritime Heritage Alliance for seeking a permit to sink the vessel Welcome. Undoubtedly the organization has agonized over this decision long and hard; however I am not sure the editorial is clear that it is the efforts of the organization you are cheering rather than the sinking of the Welcome in the bay.

The loss of any wooden boat in these days of plastic boats is a sad thing. True, Welcome was built as a display rather than an actual sailing vessel; also true, the Park Service budget did not allow a quality product but under the auspice and with the labor of the Alliance she did sail and she was popular with many people at the maritime festivals she attended. It’s sad to lose her and her heritage. That part should deserve a tear rather than a cheer.

Doug Roberts

Traverse City

Christian Neighbors

My wife and I are occasionally asked why we support Leelanau Christian Neighbors. “Isn’t there enough help already from the government?” “Are there people in Leelanau County who really need help?”

For almost 30 years people have been helping people — our neighbors and yours — in Leelanau County. The statistics are clear that backstop sources of assistance are critical to just “getting by” in our seasonal economy. LCN is frequently the springboard for getting a person back into the work world. We hear often from our neighbors when their employment — and pride — is restored. The latest story that touched us happened in August.

“A young mom with two small boys came into our pantry around noon wanting to know the pantry hours. She said she would make sure she got back before 6 p.m.

While the boys were picking out a book to take with them she whispered that she was very embarrassed but was there anything we could give her for the boys’ lunch. She said they hadn’t eaten since the afternoon the day before. We packed them a big picnic lunch and they sat out under a tree and ate.

This is why we do what we do!”

Chuck Cady

Traverse City

The writer is President of Leelanau Christian Neighbors.