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June 5, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 06/05/2012

Thank the veterans

It is understandable that the farmers market does not permit solicitations during the market. However, a strong case can be made for an exception for veterans' organizations for the sale of poppies. The proceeds go toward needy veterans, bereavement benefits and other relief items. Veterans have served all of us. The least we can do is say thanks by purchasing poppies.

Charles Turnquist

Lake Leelanau

Description not fulfilled

Jared Diamond, eminent scientist, researcher and historian, in his review of another's book, "Why Nations Fail," writes that politics and political institutions determine what economic institutions a country has. Successful national economic institutions "allow and encourage participation by the great mass of people in economic activities that make the best use of their talents and skills; and that enable individuals to make the choices they wish," re: education, property, employment.

Does the U.S. currently fulfill that description? No. Educational opportunities are being attacked, reduced. Foreclosures curtail owning own property. Moving factories overseas diminishes employment. (U.S. is no longer the richest country. I read, to my astonishment, that Norway is ... because its leaders invested profits from oil in economic development, i.e., in infrastructure and education.)

What economic structures does U.S. have? Currently and primarily it's U.S.-based international corporations that owe their success to U.S. military muscle, but have no allegiance to U.S. Our Congress, which should be making economic decisions, is stalled. Many of its members get sums from those global corporations to vote in favor of bills that profit those international corporations. Will our elections free us from "monied" control?

Vote for candidates who have no such funding.

Marian Gyr


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