Traverse City Record-Eagle

June 4, 2012

Letter to the Editor: 06/04/2012


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No guides required

It's great that you now have an outdoor columnist. Mr. Gwizdz has described his productive trips with charter boat captains fishing for salmon and again for brown trout on Lake Michigan. Then he described his equally productive smallmouth bass fishing trip assisted, of course, by a local professional guide.

These are fun to read about, but many of us in the 99 percent don't feel comfortable spending $100, usually more, on guides or charter boat trips. Such expeditions are a good deal for Mr. Gwizdz. He gets a day of splendid fishing and the guide/charter boat captain gets excellent publicity.

Perhaps some future columns could tell us where to take the grandchildren for panfish, maybe something about the best public access trout fishing spots on the Boardman River, which creeks have sucker runs that would entice kids to catch a few and take up the sport.

The outdoors is more than fishing: How about something on edible plants; ramps are fading but some are still around. Cattail tops will soon be available. There is a lot of the outdoor fun which doesn't require expensive guides.

Henry E. Klugh

Traverse City