Traverse City Record-Eagle

June 1, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 06/01/2012


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Amendment protects

Reply to May 21 letter "Elderly Buying Weapons": Amazing. Which does he dislike more: Republicans, the National Rifle Association, legally licensed to carry citizens (CCW/CPL), "nutty" Americans that believe in and hold fast to the sanctity of the United States of America Constitution and The Bill of Rights, or is it just the elderly that upset him?

"Assault weapons," come on, now, I thought we were talking about handguns. The purchase and use of handguns fills a broad spectrum of legal activities, i.e., competitive shooting sports, collecting, investment, casual target shooting, hunting small to large wild game, home defense, and, last but not least, legal carry personal protection.

While I cannot accept the statements and allegations as set forth in the subject writer's views, I must respect his right to state and publish them — because he's protected in doing so under the First Amendment.

I would hope that he and others of similar mindset would have the same respect for all American citizens, regardless of their politics, organizations that they support, and citizens that own, carry, or enjoy guns of all lengths and configurations.

The latter is everyone's right, which is provided for and protected by the Second Amendment.

Corey Hughes

Traverse City