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May 20, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 05/20/2013

In decline ever since

I moved to Traverse City 45 years ago, and have watched it decline ever since.

We now have vagrants, crime, and infrastructure being ignored, not to mention the ravaging of our once-beautiful bay front, in the name of progress. Folks, the city could not tell you why our train had to go. Think about it, did Michael Moore cut a deal with the city under the radar? Get rid of that damn train because it is just outside the front door of my new movie theater on bay front, and I will allow you to gift the museum to my film festival for $1.

Now that’s real progress.

Paul Nepote

Traverse City


What I didn’t know

I’ve always been proud to support the Veterans for Peace, locally and nationally. I know that here in northwest Michigan, they are led by Tim Keenan, whom I know and admire. I know that Tim is a combat infantry veteran of the Vietnam War (1967-68), that he was awarded the Silver Star, Army Commendation Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, and that he served in the Honor Guard of the U.S. Army (1968-69).

I also know that Tim is now and has been for many years an outspoken critic of our involvement in the post-9/11 wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that he speaks openly about his military experience and the fact that he has suffered from post traumatic stress disorder for 44 years since he left the combat zone.

But what I didn’t know is that, according to Richard Thibeau, the Veterans for Peace is a “radical, liberal, political, unpatriotic, criminal organization.” Thanks for pointing that out, Mr. Thibeau. Geeez. Really, I had no idea ...

Steve Morse

Suttons Bay



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