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May 10, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 05/10/2013

Just look at Leelanau

I see by the paper that the Natural Resources Commission recommends a wolf season. These folks are presumably charged with scientifically managing our natural resources. Unfortunately, only one of them is, by any stretch of the imagination, a scientist. No matter, I expect the Legislature had already decided the issue and now can use the commission as cover.

There is a petition with 250,000 signatures asking the Legislature not to do this and the Legislature responded at once. Their response was to pass a bill making a referendum meaningless. Good for them. Next thing you know the people of Michigan will expect their elected leaders to pay attention to them, thus completely gutting effective government. Just look at Leelanau County. Mussolini did not get Italian trains to run on time by paying any attention to the Italians.

Hunting is vitally important up here. A recent writer declared that a spot was reserved right next to his mashed potatoes presumably for shank of wolf (probably an acquired taste). I’m sure that shortly the local Tea Party will push the commission for an open season on moderate Republicans and all Democrats.

Henry E. Klugh

Traverse City

Death a part of life

We have got to start discussing the end of life openly. The majority of Medicare and Medicaid money goes to end-of-life care. Don’t we as seniors have the right to decline all this and face death head on?

Our health care system seems obsessed with prolonging life to the extent that we are not allowed to die a normal death. We are perfectly capable of making this decision for ourselves if the health care system would allow an option that voids all malpractice threats for failing to make every possible effort to extend our suffering.

Why would we want to have our life prolonged to the point where we end up spending months or years in assisted living? Why would we want to sentence our caregiver to give up their lives so they can care for us after our minds or bodies are unable to function? This isn’t rational. Death is natural part of life.

Walt Lund


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