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August 30, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/30/2012

Understands problems

Recently Dr. Dan Benishek has been attacked by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for his stance on Medicare. Rep. Benishek is a doctor who understands the problems with Medicare; he has 30 years of firsthand experience dealing with the program as a doctor. This unique insight positions him to be the program's savior in Washington. He knows how important the program is to northern Michigan's seniors, and he is willing to fight for the program.

As a future recipient of Medicare I hope that it will be there for me, and that is why I will vote for Dr. Benishek.

Mike Squatrito

Traverse City

Abandoned gun owners

The National Rifle Association bosses have abandoned gun owners to protect the interests of wealthy contributors who pay their salaries. They campaign against Obama even though he has expanded my gun rights; e.g., I can now conceal carry in national parks in Michigan. Another improvement is conceal carry reciprocity between here and Texas. On the other hand, the NRA has induced unjustified paranoia that Obama will restrict gun rights, and this has doubled the cost of ammunition by encouraging gun owners to hoard.

While Obama has been protecting my gun rights, Wayne LaPierre has been protecting his $1.27 million salary.

Terry Frysinger


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