Traverse City Record-Eagle

July 26, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 07/26/2012


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Stop the madness

The new fireworks law has turned Traverse City into an open shooting gallery. Pets, grandchildren and shift workers or people who want reasonable peace are already besieged by those breaking the law a week before the Fourth and late at night. Now it's open season with incendiaries and deafening shots 20 or 30 feet from neighbors' bedrooms. These fireworks amount to weapons. Please pass ordinances at once to stop this madness.

Joe Coffman

Traverse City

Misleading comments

I feel compelled to respond to the July 10 Forum by Mr. Dan Wyant, director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. As the chief advocate for Michigan's environment and specifically the ecological integrity of our Lake Michigan shoreline, his comments are misleading at best and irresponsible and confusing for Michigan citizens.

He either did not read the science-based studies commissioned by his DEQ or more probably refused to take seriously their findings. The Michigan DEQ staff — his advisers — certainly do not agree with his contention that "the state retains its ability to protect important coastal wetland areas which are critical to fish and wildlife "¦ and serve as natural filters for water quality."

The legislation allows mowing of coastal wetlands without any oversight. How is that protecting those important areas? How does that protect the critical fish and wildlife habitat?

I invite Mr. Wyant and Gov. Snyder to walk the shoreline of Grand Traverse Bay with me to discuss the great potential harm this law will have on our shared public trust shoreline.

John Nelson

Traverse City

The writer is Grand Traverse Baykeeper.