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September 14, 2013

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Chemicals not revealed

In a TV ad, we see green meadows with grazing cattle and a loving family telling us how safe fracking is. Seems to me we’ve heard that song before. Remember how safe smoking was before it wasn’t?

Benzene, one of 14 toxic chemicals identified in fracking fluids, a known carcinogen, causes leukemia; it’s recently been identified above safe levels on local roads. As a retired health care professional I’m gravely concerned. Because the chemicals are a “trade secret” protected by law, they are not revealed.

Why were the chemicals exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act? Why is the industry settling lawsuits out of court with records permanently sealed and gag orders imposed on claimants and their heirs? Sound familiar?

Gagged from informing effected patients under threat of lawsuits, Robert Dodge, M.D., wrote, “This gift to the oil and gas industry is unethical and forces physicians to break their Hippocratic Oath. First, do no harm.”

Do you want (un)natural gas coming to your area? Learn more at the Frankfort Garden Theater, Sept. 25, at 7 p.m., during a free screening of Gasland and a petition-signing event.

Betty Adams


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