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September 11, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 09/11/2013

Coverage commended

I felt compelled to commend the Record-Eagle on its presentation of the Kelli Stapleton case. While local television media has portrayed Mrs. Stapleton as a child-killing psychopath, the Record-Eagle presents a less sensationalized picture of the very complex situation this mother faced. I am not in any way justifying the actions of Mrs. Stapleton but feel that it will do the most good if we see this woman as not a simple monster hidden under the bed but rather an indicator of systemic problems. Your coverage made that possible.

Kristen M. Torrez

Traverse City

Deploy more lights

In reference to the Bijou flashing lights, according to Traverse City Film Festival officials (Michael Moore, Deb Lake), “the brilliant moving lights of the State Theatre are the heartbeat of downtown TC making it a hip place to be, and has been amazing for the business community and the area’s quality of life.”

Wow, who knew? We should immediately attach and deploy brilliant moving lights to as many places and things as possible so we can share and spread this miracle transformation. I hope the city has taken steps to ensure the State Theatre’s moving lights don’t stop. If they do, TC might succumb to heart failure.

As an experiment before full worldwide implementation, perhaps Mr. Moore could string brilliant moving lights around his person and we’ll watch to see if he becomes more hip and his quality of life improves.

Dan Marks

Traverse City

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