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May 8, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 05/08/2012

Try re-striping Division

Division Street could benefit from some low-cost improvements.

South of 14th Street the speed limit is 45 mph, and it drops as you approach Grandview Parkway; however, there are no "reduce speed ahead" signs, and some drivers ignore the speed limit signs that are in place. Adding some "reduce speed ahead" signs might help and wouldn't break the budget.

Rather than increase traffic capacity or adding turn lanes, reduce the four lanes to three with the middle lane being a turn lane. This will narrow the roadway and that has proven to slow traffic. This could be tested by re-striping the road for only the cost of a paint crew and some driveway sealer to cover the current stripes. If it doesn't work out, cover up the new lines and repaint the current ones.

Since Division is a part of state and federal highways, they probably would want to study this for quite some time ... but if the city does it as a test for a short period of time ...

James Shannahan

Suttons Bay

Liking FactCheck

First, I applaud the Record-Eagle for publishing every week the page of, a nonprofit, non-political organization dedicated to identifying lies being spread to the public. However, your headlines and layout problems tend to undo the truths.

In the April 28 issue the headline — "'Death panels' rears its ugly head in email" — could have been more grammatically correct and more enlightening if the email had been the one called "ugly." The article could then have begun with the facts, not 17 paragraphs and 2½ columns before getting to the truth.

The second headline on the page ends with a question mark, allowing for a potential truth when the article proves it a total lie. Better than eliminating the question mark, create one major headline about lying emails spreading untruths rapidly and universally while depending on very limited means of being contradicted.

I boiled down two truths from the page:

1. "Death panels" do not and never have existed in our health care law.

2. No matter how often the lie re-emerges, the American Civil Liberties Union has not and never will file suit against the military to ban prayer.

Looking forward to next week's page.

Patricia W. Fox


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