Traverse City Record-Eagle

November 2, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 11/02/2012


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Experience needs

Please join me in voting for Kirsten Keilitz for Probate Judge. She has a vast amount of experience in probate matters, including those that involve elder law. The probate court involves matters that include elders, children and families. Our local media seems to forget that probate court involves elders. Kirsten Keilitz has the experience this county needs, especially with our aging population.

Vote Keilitz on Nov. 6.

Colleen P. Shannon

Traverse City

Choice is yours

The choice is yours. Republicans will give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and big business, eliminate regulations on Wall Street and banks (the very policies that broke the economy), gut environmental laws (goodbye clean water, air and safe food), cut basic health programs and reproductive rights for women, destroy the middle class and further hurt the working poor and seniors. (Someone has to pay for tax breaks and unnecessary increase in military spending.)

Republicans will undermine Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Romney promises change but refuses to mention where he'd cut the budget.

Republicans represent the rich; vote Democrat.

John E. McDonald

Traverse City

Alums deserve vote

Central High School students deserve a modernized auditorium equal to those at Traverse West. This is not a frivolous tax expenditure. I have been an observer at more than 100 Traverse City Area Public Schools Board meetings in the last 10 years. More recently I have watched them on Channel 98.

This courageous TCAPS Board is to be commended for taking advantage of the current favorable bond issue market. Interest rates are at an all-time low.

Support the much-needed elementary and secondary school projects. All proud Central High alums deserve your vote.

Educating our children is crucial to our future.

Ellie K. Long

Traverse City

Ensure quality

Throughout history, excellence in arts and education has been a must for every productive society.

As a retired educator who has worked in many states, as well as every corner of Michigan, I can attest to the outstanding quality and diversity of the education received by Traverse City Area Public Schools students. This high level will only be maintained if facilities and technology are kept up to date. The TCAPS bond proposal will help keep schools in line with current needs.

To help ensure that educational quality is maintained, I'm voting "yes" on the TCAPS bond issue on Nov. 6.

Alexander W. "Andy" Zerban

Traverse City