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September 23, 2012

Letters to the editor: 09/23/2012

Rent a tent

Traverse City Area Public Schools' dialogue and explanation of the proposed millage and what it would accomplish does not pass the smell test.

For the administration and the board it is another gulp from the public trough. Performing arts facility? Rent a tent from G.J.'s and have it erected for the event. It'd be just like all of the other events in Traverse City.

Really poor planning and really poor timing for good ole TCAPS, again. What a sham.

Bill Plough

Traverse City

'Priciples,' pragmatism

The recent story of the grandmother who became the gestational mother after her pregnant daughter had a hysterectomy (and abortion) due to cervical cancer offers another lesson.

Paul Ryan and the GOP party platform advocate all abortion be banned, even when the mother's life is in danger. Their "principles" override pragmatism.

Although Romney would allow such an exception for the abortion, Ryan ominously declares Romney's position as a good "start."

When the GOP values the life of a fetus more than that of a grown woman, it says a lot about how those party members value their wives and mothers.

Dr. Priscilla Cogan


Political trigger finger?

It's hard to envision a safer world with Romneys' eager, itchy political finger on the button.

Tom Cicilian

Traverse City

Let's just say 'no'

Our former neocon Republican administration, like drunken adolescents on a joy ride, took eight long years to drive our economy into the deepest ditch since the Great Depression.

The current administration has taken less than four to put us back on the road to recovery. The sullen delinquents (and their new gang, the Tea Party), having been busy slashing the tires and pouring sugar in the gas tank, are now whining that the recovery is taking too long. They want their license back.

Let's "just say no."

Choose Democrats this election. Voting is still private; the kids will never know.

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