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April 22, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 04/22/2012

A 'field of dreams'

It is my opinion that the Republican politicians solely and purely represent only business and billionaires. The last several months I have paid particular attention to these Republican politicians and their blather about the economy. It seems as of late they are almost hyperactive in their quest to push "business/billionaire friendly" issues, while completely forgetting who they are truly supposed to represent: the citizens.

We used to have a "representative government," which represented "We the People." Now it seems to me that the Republican Party represents only business and billionaires, at "We the People's" expense.

True, business is important, but not so important that business requires massive welfare subsidies paid by citizens. The supposed "job creators" are not the businesses. Citizens are the true job creators when we pull out our wallets and purchase a product or service. Starve us and we have nothing in our wallet to create jobs. The Republicans have it turned around, selling their "Field of Dreams" concept of the economy and many citizens are fooled by this economic concept.

As a registered Republican and as a citizen who has held elected office as a Republican, I am ashamed of what this party has become.

Mark Greening


Claim the bayfront back

Traverse City's four seasons: Fall, winter, spring and ... "tents."

It's great for the "rent a tent" people, but for the rest of us, not so much. What's become of enjoying the sound of bay breezes and views of blue water?

I guess it's gone away along with peace and quiet and simple beauty. And as far as revenue-producing events, which can be staged elsewhere, many people stay away due to congestion, noise and visual pollution.

It seems to be counter intuitive to take the most beautiful weeks of the year and create a "shanty town" of canvas on West Bay.

I think we can do better and maybe, just maybe, we can claim our bayfront back. I hope so.

Carole Simon

Traverse City

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