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May 7, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 05/07/2012

Health Care Act helping

With all the debate, criticism and confusion about health care reform, it is good to remember that Congress recently observed the second anniversary of the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act.

This bill made health care more secure for millions of Americans (many, many of them here in Michigan).

The specific aspects of the act:

• Allows each person to keep their existing insurance plan if they have one.

• Requires insurance companies to cover children with preexisting conditions.

• Allows young people to stay on their parents' insurance until the age of 26.

• Medicare now assures free preventive care, such as checkups, cancer screenings, flu shots and mammograms.

• Makes prescriptions more affordable to seniors.

• Up to two million Michiganians with private insurance are receiving more care for their dollar.

• Provides more than $46 million to Michigan to extend health care into areas that desperately need it, due to shortages of physicians.

The law is clearly beginning to help Michiganians get better care at lower costs. Keep this in mind during the election season.

Allison Bryant


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