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April 30, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 04/30/3012

Continue forward

Members of the library board have proposed closing or reducing the services of the library for the blind. As ordinary people it is impossible for them to understand the importance of keeping this service. It is the only way blind patrons can read books and magazines, and often we need help just to do that. No matter what anyone says, ordering library materials by mail would not be an equal substitute for the excellent services we are receiving today.

I am very proud of our library. It is, in my opinion, one of the best in Michigan. I am surprised the board would consider closing any section. Would they consider closing the main circulation section, send all of the books to the state library and require local patrons to order books by mail? This is ridiculous but it makes as much sense as the present proposal. It is the same idea, just a different group of patrons.

Our library has great potential and will be more and more important in this technological age. We must continue finding new ways to expand its services not eliminate them and continue going forward, not backward.

Paul Hazelton

Traverse City

Keep Open Space open

There's a reason we named it the "Open Space" and not the "Festival Space." After years of being hidden by the power plant, West Grand Traverse Bay is finally visible and accessible — and beautiful, all by itself. Commercial enterprises do not enhance it.

If we want tourists to visit and residents to live in downtown Traverse City, we must protect the quality of life that makes such a decision desirable. Please keep the Open Space open — for recreation and renewal, not just another place to make noise and buy things.

Karen Anderson

Traverse City

All of us will pay

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