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December 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/16/2012


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Turn a blind eye?

I would like to respond to Ed Mccall's Nov. 30 letter. How observant to realize that people are no longer paying into the Social Security system because they are retiring.

How about the over 50 million people who were never allowed to get to the paying-in stage because they were aborted? How much money would they have added to the program?

Do we just turn a blind eye and pretend it never happened?

Rosalie Ehl


Stuck up for beliefs

Good for the church leaders who stuck up for their beliefs. More Christians need to do that, including me.

I'm praying for them and their church family. They are in good company. Jesus was despised and rejected also it says in Isaiah 53:3.

Carol Antoine

Traverse City

Can't hide the truth

"The Glass Castle" by Jeannette Walls should remain as summer reading homework for incoming ninth-grade honors English students. I am in ninth grade at West Senior High School, and I am in an honors English class. Last summer I read The Glass Castle, and I think that there is nothing in it that is not suitable for a class that is mostly 14-year-olds. Yes, there is some strong language and somewhat-disturbing situations, but nothing that the average freshman has not heard of before. The story is nonfiction, and we cannot hide from the truth.

Mature people know that not everyone has the idyllic life that society calls normal. In fact, that is one of the major topics that we discuss in class. If a parent does not want their child exposed to the facts of life, then maybe the child should not be in honors English class, or maybe they shouldn't even be allowed out of the house.

I think The Glass Castle is a strong story with a point that is valuable to English classes everywhere, and I think that most of my peers would agree. Kudos to Jeannette Walls.

Hayden Comstock

Traverse City