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December 11, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/11/2012


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Banning a true shame

I'd like to express my opinion on the matter of banning the book "The Glass Castle" by Jeanette Walls from the ninth-grade curriculum.

I myself have read this book over the summer for my own ninth-grade honors English class, and I strongly disagree with the opinion given by the parents in the article. I found this book to be an incredible lesson of the realities in life.

As a student reading this book I was not overwhelmed with some of the mature context because the story handled the situations in such a way that it not exploited but rather, acknowledged as one of the hard truths of life.

Truthfully, the harshest moments of the novel are quite tame compared to many of the messages and ideas that are presented to youth through music, TV shows and the Internet.

My innocence of childhood has not even begun to disappear so that when I read this book and was confronted with the realities, my way of thinking was not damaged but rather, I appreciated the opportunity to see into some of the struggles that were foreign to me. Banning this book would be a true shame.

Jolene Therrien

Traverse City

Tax credits to expire

In Michigan we know that we use more energy than we need and that our current energy mix, dominated by fossil fuels, is not sustainable and threatens our environment and health.

The good news is that there's no shortage of clean energy in Michigan. Surrounded by some of the world's largest lakes, we have the resources and the technology to harness it right now. In Michigan, we are on our way to getting 10 percent of our energy from clean sources. We cannot remain complacent with this.

Now is the time to build on our progress and set a path forward, but critical clean energy tax credits will expire at the end of this year unless Congress acts. Sen. Debbie Stabenow has been a champ for clean energy for years. We need her to make her voice known in Washington, urging other senators to pass these two bills. Extending the renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) and the offshore wind investment tax credit (ITC) as soon as possible will ensure a cleaner, healthier future for Michiganders. I encourage you all to write letters and speak up to Sen. Stabenow, reminding her of the importance of these tax credits to the state.

Benjamin Lerner

Ann Arbor

The writer is a former Traverse City resident.