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December 1, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/01/2012

We deserve better

Remember the meltdown of Wall Street, the crisis of massive Wall Street frauds that almost led us and the world to economic disaster, the story of murky mortgage bonds, the selling of these bonds worldwide marked AAA? Thanks to dishonest raters, devastation came to thousands of honest, hard-working people who played by the rules while Wall Street CEOs criminally maneuvered and gained massive wealth.

If it takes a Elizabeth Warren, now Sen. Warren, to help return to the financial sector a measure of responsibility to the nation and the world, I'm for it.

These white collar criminals should be put behind bars (none yet). My concern is, will past Wall Street leaders try to buy their way out of justice with money, smart, high-paid lawyers and compromise?

This is not a bargain to the American pubic nor is justice served.

With the leadership Sen. Warren and the active support of the presidency and the American people we can get better transparency and business practices. We all deserve better.

Ronald S. Culp

Traverse City

Yield to the rules

Miss me? I bet you did.

Well, I was waiting at the Blair Townhall Road and M-37 stop sign to turn left and head into town.

Problem? Yup! Another courteous driver on the opposite side of the road that was kindly signaling me to "go ahead and turn" because I was at the stop sign first.

First of all, I'd like to thank the lovely gent for his courtesy, but second, I remember my driver's training that instructed us to yield right of way, meaning that he had the right of way because he was crossing M-37 and not turning.

Regardless of who was at the intersection first, he had the right to go first.

Too many times courtesy gets into the way at unlighted intersections and traffic slows. We need to remember that unless it's a marked four-way stop intersection (where first come turns first) we need to observe the right of way rules. Again, thanks to all the folks that waved me to go first, but I will always yield to the rules of the road.

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