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June 9, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 06/09/2014

NMC must listen

I don’t think hiring a public relations specialist will help Northwestern Michigan College in becoming more transparent to our community or help in regaining the community’s trust.

I would like to think that communications would improve simply by listening to members of our community and also by openly listening to faculty and staff. Suggestions from these groups need to be valued and incorporated more directly into educational planning.

Open and recorded meetings allow more people to be informed about NMC.

In addition, leaders must demonstrate that they have a primary mission of providing learning opportunities to the students that live and work here in Northern Michigan; NMC must be a “community” college first.

I was a faculty member at NMC for 32 years and watched the number of administrators grow while communications became more bogged down in bureaucracy and red tape. Currently there is an atmosphere of arrogance and insularity.

I believe it is time for new leadership that openly embraces a mission of offering meaningful, lifelong education opportunities to all members of this community while demonstrating a genuine willingness to engage in sustained and transparent dialogue.

Connie Jason

Traverse City

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