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May 31, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/31/2014

Downplay athletics

Four head coaches, two at the University of Michigan and two at Michigan State University, annually get a total of $13 million of your taxpayer dollars. Their staffs get another $11 million. The average salary of the four coaches is 10 times that of the next highest paid state public employee, which includes those in government, administration and education. Sports receipts are claimed to cover costs of all athletics.

Prima donna athletes are recruited at great expense and come with a full summer of tutoring which continues with them for four years. No public funds to tutor others seeking an education, only for the athletes. And only 55 percent of these star athletes will ever see a diploma.

It is time U-M and MSU downplay athletics. Let’s spend our taxpayer money on what these universities are charted to do. That is to educate those who come to learn, not to play.

John P. Barker

Glen Arbor

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