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May 30, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/30/2014

Has worked pretty well

The April 2014 Michigan unemployment rate ranked 44th highest in the nation. Only eight states in the nation have a higher state gasoline tax. At the same time, 44 states have a lower state gasoline tax.

So what does the Michigan Republican Senate suggest? Raising the Michigan gas tax.

Stick it to the little people while filling them full of hateful rhetoric so they will vote for you. Has worked pretty well, so why change?

Roger L. Parkins

Suttons Bay

Exaggeration no help

As a disabled veteran who is frequently in VA hospitals from Ann Arbor to Saginaw to the Traverse City VA facility, I am very happy with my treatment. I repeat, very happy.

So I am watching everything I can about what is in the political news at the moment, from MSNBC to FOX.

I have a question: I know we teach math now, but what about arithmetic?

Every Republican I have seen says General Shenzeki has had this job for “six years now.”

Try five years and four months. Exaggeration to make a political point should not be used in something serious. I want to hear someone say, “More than five years now.” A small point, maybe. But perhaps this is what is wrong with all the information we are given.

Jim Campbell


‘No’ to a new jail

A new $30 million jail?

I have a much better idea. Why not open the work release confinement area? It would be much cheaper to hire a few employees to manage the work release confinement area to ease the overcrowding. Why isn’t it being used? No to a new jail!

Jay Gearhart

Traverse City

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