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May 28, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 05/28/2014

Arm yourself

A recent E.J. Dionne column mentioned that in the past two years states with majority Democrat governments have passed more restrictive gun laws. This proves that Democrats don’t trust the American people. Therefore, Americans should not trust Democrats.

For the record I support eliminating all restrictions on private gun ownership. I’m even comfortable with letting ex-felons arm themselves if they’re sufficiently trustworthy to be released from prison. This does not apply to traitors or child molesters, who should never be released from prison.

The state of Michigan has made some interesting strides toward becoming more gun-friendly since 2002. In that time we’ve adopted a ‘‘shall-issue’’ law for concealed weapons permits, a ‘‘Castle Doctrine’’ law, and made getting handgun purchase permits easier, among other things. There is still some room for improvement, namely adopting a no-permit-required law for people who wish to arm themselves. It’s worked in Vermont for decades.

If you trust yourself, arm yourself. Never trust anyone who wouldn’t trust you with a gun.

Richard Gibbard

Rapid City

Unnecessary distrust

I remember when “love thy neighbor” used to be the goal that we all aspired to in America. That has been replaced with: “pack your Glock 9mm.”

Apparently, the National Rifle Association has enough paranoid supporters influencing our government legislators to “relax,” or even eliminate, approximately 30 gun laws that have protected all of us from the irrational fears of ultra-conservative citizens.

As a child I watched the romanticized renditions of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral. It never occurred to me that a small group of people in our world today are stuck in time so completely that they put all of us at risk.

Normal citizens also have the right to protect themselves and their families.

In my toolbox is a very large pipe wrench. The first time I see someone walk into anyplace “packing” a gun I will get my pipe wrench, in case some misguided radical Neanderthal threatens me. Make your first shot count.

NRA proponents started this “war” and initiated unnecessary distrust and fear. Don’t be surprised when it comes back to bite us all.

William E. Scott

Traverse City

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